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        深圳市罗克科技有限公司[ Shenzhen Rock Technology Co. LTD ],是一家重研发、重品质、重服务——专业车载多媒体供应商,研发和创新是企业的生命。罗克追求永续经营,尤其注重研发创新。通过我们的娱乐中控和驾驶体验解决方案,探索如何无缝访问数字内容以及创建并操作数字内容的能力。这个智能学习环境可根据您的偏好进行调整,并使用高级人机界面(HMI)来支持语音命令、手势、增强现实和高级个性化设置。
        专业生产车载HUD carplay ,便携式carplay,USB升级中控无线carplay,车载充电器,车载FM蓝牙产品,车载吸尘器。拥有包括品牌、专利、认证等23个认证证书,是业内顶级的车载用品科技公司。

Shenzhen Rock Technology Co. LTD is a professional automotive multimedia supplier that emphasizes R&D, quality and service. R&d and innovation are the life of the enterprise. The pursuit of sustainable management, especially focus on research and development innovation. Explore seamless access to digital content and the ability to create and manipulate it with our entertainment in-control and driving experience solutions. This intelligent learning environment is tailored to your preferences and uses an advanced Human machine interface (HMI) to support voice commands, gestures, augmented reality, and advanced personalization.
Specializing in the production of car HUD carplay, portable carplay, USB upgrade central control wireless carplay, car charger, car FM Bluetooth products, car vacuum cleaner. With 23 certification certificates including brand, patent, certification, etc., it is the top automotive equipment technology company in the industry.

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